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Why your organisation needs business travel consultancy


I need to...

✔︎ Find out what we are really spending on business travel

✔︎ Stop my travellers booking through consumer websites

✔︎ Put an end to my TMC's hidden charges

✔︎ Ensure we are truly providing duty of care to travellers

✔︎ Bring spiralling costs under control

✔︎ Harmonise how we pay in different countries

✔︎ Meet our environmental targets

Team Meeting

You don't need us to tell you travel and mobility are challenging categories...

Buying travel is complicated. It’s expensive too – the second-largest controllable expense for most companies.

At the same time you have to keep employees safe while they’re on the road – and meet CO2 reduction targets.
If you have never managed travel or mobility before, these complex, fast-changing categories are a lot to put your arms around. And even if you do know them well, they are really tough to handle all by yourself.

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Why Business Travel Purchase Consulting is the answer

We totally understand these challenges you face because we have solved them before: originally for ourselves when we were travel managers, then for our clients after we became consultants.
Don’t carry the burden alone. Reach out to Business Travel Purchase Consulting.

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